Apparati Effimeri is always testing new solutions and is in the forefront of technological research, being able to achieve a great visual impact. Apparati Effimeri avails itself of commercial partnerships highly specialized as: Christie, Coolux, Touchwindow, always testing new solutions and is in the forefront of technological research, being able to achieve a great visual impact.Last Apparati Effimeri’s researches focus on Stereoscophy, Interactivity and Multi-projection, solutions that it is possible to apply to all products.




Apparati Effimeri proposes stereoscopy as a new way to conceive scenography, combining real objects to virtual images and thereby building up a performance of great visual impact. All these elements of the performance event are suitable for every requirements, either for exhibitions and staging or for marketing and retailing.

Stereoscopy is an event itself. Firstly, audience engagement is even greater when the viewer receives specific eyeglasses to experience the projection. Besides, it is a sensory as well as an emotional experience, when viewers find themselves immersed in a dimension where every single object is within everybody’s reach. Emotion leads to curiosity and attention, hence the message becomes effective and permanent.

Apparati Effimeri proposes to develop and implement even more stereoscopy-based services. This is a new way to conceive the world of production: to be at the forefront in technology means to have new and better solutions for marketing.



Thanks to interaction design Apparati Effimeri wants to communicate openly with the audience. Using interfaces and interactive devices, viewers are protagonists, producing and modifying the visual contents with their bodies.This highly technological solution makes every performance event unique and unforgettable.


Touchwindow ® is a leader in the Italian market for the develpment of interactive systems and software. Our work is based on the study, design and production of interactive technologies used as advanced means of communication. This creative communication is integrated into new tactile devices to create true interactive experience in the retail, entertaiment and educational-museum fields.

Touchwindow S.r.l. was founded in 1994 with the objective to offer consulting and design of innovative and state of the art hardware and software IT solutions.




Apparati Effimeri has strengthened a particular experience in the field of multi-projection technique, thanks to the support of highly specialized companies. The customers of Apparati Effimeri can apply their ideas and schemes, architecture and scenery of any shape and dimension.