Sogno o son Deste


Apparati Effimeri and la Fondazione di Vignola, are creating a permanent architectural mapping installation to promote the cultural heritage of the Estense family in Emilia. Analogue projectors, projecting laser printed images on glass discs will shine a light on the antique decorations that at one time embellished the famous family’s palaces and villas.

The 360° projection using 600,000 lumens creates a breath-taking illusion, which can also be seen from a great distance. Thanks to 3D modelling of the architecture, the projections follow the lines of the buildings precisely, glorifying all their detail.

The installation is already in place at la Rocca di Vignola. The projections onto the church of Sant’Agostino in Modena will begin in September during the Festival di Filosofia, and on 19 October at the Museo di Casa Romei di Ferrara. Go to to keep updated on upcoming events.