Six immersive experiences created by Apparati Effimeri


In 2011 Lavazza staged an exhibition of photography at the Triennale di Milano to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its famous calendar. The exhibition celebrated travel, seduction, and coffee using the works of the most celebrated international photographers. From Newton to von Unwerth, taking in Watson, LaChappelle, Mondino, Leibovitz and Recuenco. The exhibition was curated by the famous architect Fabio Novembre, who erected a large projectable surface at its entrance to immerse spectators with our video mapping.

That same year we did a 3D mapping for the Romeo Castellucci production of Wagner’s Parsifal, at the la Monnaie theatre in Brussels. The mapping intensified the sense of the first act’s wooded setting, creating an immersive and all-encompassing experience.

In 2012 we employed stereoscopic technology on our immersive 3D mapping to increase emotional involvement for the spectator. The result was surprising, with a magical, surreal garden being brought to life.

In 2016 we used Dome Projection at Villa del Torre Allegrini to entertain the guests at the gala dinner.

For Officina Pasolini, MAMbo’s imposing Sala delle Ciminiere was transformed into the nave of a Romanesque cathedral with a video installation that surrounded the viewer. Officina Pasolini was an exhibition dedicated to the poetic, aesthetic and cultural universe of Pier Paolo Pasolini, on the 40th anniversary of his death.

In 2019, Dream Machine, a video installation which marries VR and video mapping, is born for the Bright Festival. It has come about with the help of EON reality who are boosting the idea of VR by integrating an immersive room.