“I’ll see everything through something that cannot be seen” JEAN NOUVEL

Astonish, engage, excite, these are the components that drive the creative spirit of Apparati Effimeri. Apparati Effimeri is a studio of visual design which creates three-dimensional highly persuasive visual contents, suitable for all types of non conventional communication. With the continued testing of new digital languages it ​​respond to the growing demand for advanced creativity from the market and meets the needs of visibility and promotion of the customer through artistic experimentation and technological innovation. meets the needs of visibility and promotion of the customer through artistic experimentation and technological innovation. Mapping 3D – drawing in three dimensions applied to architecture – added the interaction design, the object and the stereoscopic projection. The wise use of new technologies creates immersive environments of strong emotional impact, suitable for large events but also for exclusive parties.


Federico Bigi Federico Bigi @  inArt and Commercial Director Founder of Apparati Effimeri Marco GrassivaroMarco Grassivaro @  inArt Director e Technical Director Founder of Apparati Effimeri



Press and Artistic consultants LaWunder

LaWunder  helps companies and artists to promote themselves  in a smart and original way, It works on image and communication. One of his main interests is to turn virtuous circles to bring together artists with the public and private organizations that may be interested in their work. LaWunder draws on the expertise and professionality of web technicians and marketing experts, but also researchers of many different artistic disciplines. This guarantees professionalism, quality and innovation, which could be used from both the artists and companies.





INCREDIBOL – BOLOGNA CREATIVE AREA 2010 Incredibol! – the Bologna Creative innovation, is promoted by Municipality of Bologna. The project aims to promote growth and sustainability of the creative sector in Bologna and Emilia Romagna Region.  
CREATER 2011 Creater is a project by ASTER – the Consortium for Innovation and Technology Transfer in Emilia-Romagna, realised in the framework of the Creative Growth project sponsored by Interreg IVC European program. The aim is to strengthen creative industries in partner regions also creating new enterprises inside the sector.
  FINALIST  YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP PRICE IN  BOLOGNA 2011 In the framework of the 2nd Forum for Young entrepreneurship held in Bologna on September 14th 2011
HONORABLE MENTION NORTH AREA “IL TALENTO DELLE IDEE” 2012 Contest promoted by Unicredit in collaboration with Confindustria Young Entrepreneurs to enhance the best innovative entrepreneurial ideas in Italy